Our Sales Organisation Health Check enables Sales Leadership teams to determine how their organisation’s capabilities, strategies, competences and practices compare with those of a world class sales organisation and to pin point where they have the greatest strengths and opportunities to sustainably enhance sales performance.

The health check is built around 8 growth drivers, each of which comprises 5 core growth competences. As a result the health check enables the sales leadership team to assess 40 different elements of their sales system that influence sales performance.

In the process of completing this comprehensive and robust health check the sales leadership team will:

  • Enhance their understanding of the drivers of sales performance
  • Create a sales organisation capability profile that reflects both current and desired levels of capability
  • Systematically develop an actionable and prioritised sales effectiveness roadmap for how to take their team’s performance to the next level, regardless of where they are starting from.

We already have best practice e-books, templates and resources for a number of the more critical core competences that many of our clients find represent a significant capability gap