How do you achieve sustainable improvement and change?

Whilst every industry, organisation and sales team is different, we have found that the drivers of world class sales performance and sales leadership tend to be very similar. We have also found that a blend of training and one-on-one coaching is the most effective way to realise the full potential from the changes and improvements that are implemented in the sales team.

Great design, with only average implementation, will only ever achieve average results. Excellence in execution is a critical capability for any organisation that wants to compete and grow profitably. Working with a coach who can help you to execute effectively can be the difference between success and failure and will certainly help you to realise more of the untapped potential in your sales team.

Coaching will help you to reduce the difference in performance between your best sales people and the rest of the team. Coaching and training will help the whole team to adopt the best practices of the top performers so that every member of the team is performing at a higher level and understands the best way to find more sales opportunities, win more sales opportunities and maximise deal size.

Coaching opportunities

Coaching sales managers in how to modify their operating model to incorporate the new best practices that have been developed

Coaching sales effectiveness leaders in the planning, prioritisation, coordination and execution of the sales effectiveness program of work

Coaching the sales leadership team in the assessment, prioritisation, planning and execution of the initiatives to drive sustainable growth in their team

Training interventions

Training Sales Managers in the critical disciplines, skills, knowledge and practices of a world class sales manager

Training the sales team in any one of 15 proven best practices from customer segmentation, to prospect qualification, to pipeline management, to key account management

Training the sales team in the Challenger/Insight Sales methodology as a way to enhance the quality of the sales conversations that they have and disrupt the status quo.