How we work

We are specialist B2B sales effectiveness consultants, facilitators and coaches who are focused on helping sales leaders and their teams to understand what is holding them back and stopping them from selling more and growing faster.

We help our clients to achieve exceptional levels of improvement and great return on their investment by bringing a mix of analysis, process thinking, best practice sharing, execution excellence and change management to the complex and competitive world of sales.

We take pride in the fact that our solutions are impactful, practical and sustainable because they are designed to reflect our client’s current capabilities, appetite for change and proven best practice.

We believe that it is important to leverage the strengths that already exist within the sales team, pick a small number of high impact improvements to focus on and then rigorously execute and embed them. Average execution only ever delivers average impact.

Our clients achieve outstanding improvements in sales improvements and rates of growth as a result of the following:

  • With a background in six sigma, operational excellence, sales effectiveness, human resources, change management, executive coaching and organisation design we bring a diverse and highly developed skill set to our clients
  • Being clear on what their sales leaders and sales managers must change in terms of their operating rhythm, competences, practices, discipline and focus to get the most out of their sales teams.
  • Taking the time to step back and honestly assess the capabilities of their sales organisation in order to pin point and prioritize the things that are holding them back from taking sales performance to the next level and then building a practical sales improvement roadmap for the organisation.
  • Optimising three things: how much time they spend selling, who they spend their time with and what they do at each stage of the sales process to maximise their win rates.
  • Adopting a more systematic and disciplined approach to their sales practices and sales process.
  • Developing a clearer understanding of what their best sales people do differently from the rest of the team and then making this standard practice across the whole team.